Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for boyfriend is easy because we have done all the work for you! Take a look at this list of the Ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts listed below for suggestions. Remember that Valentine’s Day is about recognizing your commitment and reconnecting with your man. Any gift you give him should be from the heart. Try to do something you have not done this Valentine’s Day to make his day super special. You will surely be rewarded in return!

Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend!

Sex Checks

Amazon ImageHave fun and spice things up in your love life with Sex Checks from the Bank of Savings and Love. Each check is printed on durable quality paper and has a fun erotic message you and your boyfriend will enjoy. There are checks for withdrawals and I.O.U.s so that each partner can give and receive love! Check it out!

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Clubs of America Gift of the Month Club

Clubs of America

A gourmet gift of the month for premium foods such as coffee, fine wines, and deluxe pizzas will be a welcomed gift by any man who does not have much time to eat or simply doesn’t enjoy cooking. With a gift of the month club membership your man won’t have to worry about his next meal because it will be delivered to him on a monthly basis. You can select from such clubs as beer of the month, cigar of the month or even pizza of the month. What guy doesn’t want all three of those things? The good thing about this gift is that when it arrives you can enjoy it with him! Check it out!

Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR

Amazon ImageGreat Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend are gifts that are related to his particular passion. Serious photographers need good hardware and digital cameras by Canon are the industry standard. The Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR is designed for high definition photography and movie making. The Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP features autofocus and the ability to accurately shoot in different lighting. A professional camera may be a gift that is ideal for couples who have been together for a number of years. You can spend your day taking photos of each other and creating a romantic photo book! Amazon Image

Men’s Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket

Amazon ImageNice clothing and apparel are great Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend if your man needs help picking out clothes for work or casual outings. The Men’s Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket is designed for the man who loves classic design that will make him stand out. This men’s Air Force Leather Bomber Jacket is made of 100% leather and includes an interior pocket and zipper closure. It is definitely a crowd favorite and has been dubbed a favorite by many of the people who purchased this jacket. Your man will love this stylish addition to his causal wardrobe. Amazon Image

Lovin’ It!© Personalized Boxer Shorts

Men’s boxer shorts are a practical gift for boyfriend. Lovin’ It Personalized Boxer Shorts make cute Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend and are a great way to remind him of who his special lady is. Lovin’ It boxer shorts are personalized with a red heart and the name of his special lady. Your man will love being able to think of you when he’s getting dressed in the morning. Gifts that remind your man of how much you love him are perfect and make a lasting impression. Check it out!

Just For Him© Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe

Comfy fleece robes are good Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend. A man who works hard deserves to come home to a nice relaxing environment on Valentine’s Day after a long hard day at work. Consider presenting him with a nice relaxing bubble bath and the Just For Him Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe after he dries off. You can personalize this luxury fleece robe with his first name or initials. Check it out!

Fossil Men’s CH2601 Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Black Analog Dial Chronograph Watch

Amazon ImageIf your man loves elegant pieces for his wardrobe he will love the Fossil Men’s Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Chronograph Watch. This is a sleekly designed men’s watch that features glow in the dark hands and chronograph needles. Classic Valentine’s Gifts for him are perfect because they will always be in style. Fossil makes quality men’s watches and this watch has been dubbed “worth every penny.” Amazon Image

Personalized Candy from 1950′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s from Old Time Candy

Candy you ate as a kid®

Instead of a traditional box of chocolates try Personalized Old Time Candy. Old Time candies are a great mixture of fun and nostalgia that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can even have an old time themed Valentine’s Day if you and your boyfriend are into retro or classic eras. The Old Time Candy Company features classic candies such as Anise Squares, butterscotch disks, and butter mints. You can purchase a mixed bag of his favorite old time candies and enjoy them together. OldTimeCandy.com offers Free Shipping up to $25 to APO, FPO boxes 


Chocolates are classic Valentines gifts for guys. Premium chocolates are perfect for any man who has a sweet tooth and appreciates fine foods. zChocolate prides itself on using the finest natural ingredients to create delectable premium chocolate treats like heart shaped hazelnut pralines for Valentine’s Day. Your man will love receiving this gourmet gift with a quirky bouquet of duct tape roses for men. Click here for a Luxury chocolate gift!

Name A Star

Name a star!

Naming a star after your boyfriend is a great way to symbolize your love because stars last a lifetime and all couples want to have relationships that are lasting and loving. The international star registry has been around since 1979 and has worked with everyone from celebrities to dignitaries. Why not have a star named after your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? Each star comes with a unique certificate that features the name of the star and its coordinates. Check out this Unique Gift

Cloud 9 Living Experience Gifts

Instead of giving your man a gift that can be wrapped or put in a bag, give him a once in the lifetime experience instead. Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend should be fun and a way for you to create more memories together. Break the day-to-day pattern of going to work and coming home to each other. Instead of doing a dinner at home, consider going on a race in a NASCAR racing vehicle. Cloud 9 Living specializes in experiential gifts like this. If you are unsure of which experience your man would like, you can always give him a Cloud 9 gift card and let him choose his own adventure. See the Most Popular Experience Gifts

Duct Tape Roses – Flowers for Guys

Amazon ImageFlowers are usually presented to ladies as Valentine’s Day gifts. Consider giving Duct Tape Roses to your boyfriend as a unique twist on this classic Valentine’s Day gift. You can order duct tape roses in an assortment of colors including red, silver, or pink. If you man has a sense of humor he will probably enjoy this gift because it is unique and will last longer than traditional roses. Amazon Image

Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set – Bed of Roses Scented Floating Silk Rose Petals and Tealight Candles

Amazon ImageYour man will enjoy a little one-on-one romantic time with you. Give him the gift of a romantic evening. Use the Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set to set the mood and spice things up. You can start by preparing a nice romantic meal for your man and then having a bubble bath with the floating silk roses and tea lights in the Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set. Special memories make the best gifts for boyfriend and your man would never forget a romantic evening like this! Amazon Image

Men’s Silk Pajamas Set

Amazon ImageMen’s pajamas are great gifts for boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Your man will love how comfortable Men’s Silk Pajamas are. These elegant silk men’s pajamas are made with a drawstring closure and elasticized waste. This is the type of gift that will definitely get a lot of wear during the cold winter months. This elegant men’s silk pajama set is another highly reviewed item that has been called “the best gift I have received from my wife.” Amazon Image

101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

Amazon Image101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do is a humorous book filled with practical and not so practical tips for guys. Your man will learn what to do if he ever has to choose between saving the woman he loves and thousands of innocent lives in addition to how to get dressed. If your boyfriend loves a good laugh or is looking for a little entertainment to lighten his day during work, he’ll want to have this fun book handy. Amazon Image

All About Us

Amazon ImageAll About Us features questions all couples should ask each other. All About Us allows couples to get to know each other and gain a better understanding of who they are dating. This Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for couples who are getting to know one another or are trying to reconnect. Amazon Image

Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions

Amazon ImageValentine’s Day is about honoring the love you have with your significant other. When was the last time you and your man sat down together to reflect on your relationship and how you fell in love in the first place?With the Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions you can ask one another to help strengthen your bond and reflect on all of the time you have spent together. This gift might be better for couples that have been together for an extended period of time. Amazon Image

The Little Bit Naughty Book of Blow Jobs

Amazon ImageCouples who have been together for a while probably need gifts that will help them increase their creativity in the bedroom. Let’s face it; being able to please your man is one of the best Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend. To say that he will appreciate your effort in this area of your life is definitely an understatement! The Little Bit Naughty Book of Blow Jobs will give you the confidence you need in the bedroom and definitely help rekindle any love flames that haven’t been flickering lately! Amazon Image

Control A Man Remote Controller

Amazon ImageEvery woman wishes she could control her man at some point. Give yourself and your man the gift of at least thinking you can control him with the Control A Man Remote Control. This fun Valentine’s Day gift features buttons for various parts of the body as well as certain commands and is a great way to make you and your man smile on Valentine’s Day. Include this gift with a card that reminds him who is really in control in the relationship. Amazon Image

365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year

Amazon ImageThe art of lovemaking is something that many couples do not get to study very often. Taking the time to read books such as 365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year will help you and your man explore different ways to please each other and have fun together. Simply taking the time to think about this with your man makes this erotic how-to book an invaluable Valentine’s Day gift! Amazon Image

Message in a Bottle

Amazon ImagePresenting your man with a message in a bottle this Valentine’s Day is a great way to show you care. You can personalize your message by letting him know how much he means to you. This is a gift that will be cherished by your man for years to come. Amazon Image

What I Love About You Fill in the Blank Book

Amazon ImageWhat do you love about your man? The What I Love About You will help both of you answer this question in detail. This is another fabulous Valentine’s Day gift that will support you and your man’s relationship and help strengthen the bond you share. Amazon Image

BoldLoft “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases

Amazon ImageSay I love you with these cute Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend. BoldLoft “Say I Love You” couple pillowcases is a his and hers pillowcase set with an image of each partner that is connected by a string in a can they are speaking through. Long distance couples particularly love this gift because it reminds them of the importance of remaining connected in spite of the distance they have between them. This gift is also great because it forces you to remember how much you love one another before going to be each night. Amazon Image

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set

Amazon ImageAny man who loves to shave will love a classic Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set. This high quality men’s shave set is perfect for the beginner who wishes to return to the more classic way shaving. The set includes a badger brush and acrylic razor with a stand. Amazon Image

Nautica Blue By Nautica For Men Cologne

Amazon ImageCologne is a very classic gift for boyfriend. Nautica Blue for Men Cologne has a nice aquatic scent that is not overpowering. With hints of cedar, musk, and Jasmine your man will definitely smell good and have more confidence throughout the day. Check it out!

These are Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend that everyone can choose from. We have featured erotic, daring, classic, and practical Valentine’s Day gifts.  We are sure there is something here your man will love. Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Cool Gifts for Boyfriend!

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