Five Things to Never do When Selecting a Gift for a Man

Sometimes you think you have selected the perfect gift for a man in your life and that he will love the pink neon hockey puck you picked out for his birthday. But then when he opens the gift you see that look on his face and you instantly know that you selected the wrong gift. :(

Never do this when giving and selecting a gift for a man.


Gift for a man rejected1. Everyone has their own sense of style and fashion and your man is no different. Try to avoid gifts of clothing unless you know for sure that the clothing suits his style or is from his favorite designer. There is nothing worse than giving a man a piece of clothing they don’t like and then they feel obligated to wear it. He may feel resentful or offend you in the long run.

2. Never tell a man, “I don’t mind if you return it”, if you don’t really mean it. There’s no sense in getting angry at your man for returning an item you said was okay to take back.

3. If you have just met or have not been in a relationship for a long time don’t give an expensive or extravagant gift to a man. Believe it or not some men will feel uncomfortable receiving an expensive gift from a woman they just met. This may also make you appear desperate and the guy may feel pressured into buying you an expensive gift as well.

4. No means no and don’t be pushy. Never push a gift on a man if he does not want it. Being pushy about a gift can lead to more problems in the future.

5. Never select a gift for a man that you hate! Always make sure you can live with the gift you give him. If you hate the fact that he plays video games or constantly plays with his gadgets then don’t select those as gifts. There’s nothing worse than selecting a gift for a man that you don’t like and it turns out he spends more time using the gift than he spends with you.

Gift giving is usually a fun and joyous occasion. Remember to keep these tips in mind when selecting a gift for a man. Now that you know what not to do when giving a man a gift you can also see our guide on how to select gifts for boyfriend.


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