Sizzling Grilling Gifts for Boyfriend!

So you’re dating a guy who considers himself a grill master, and there is an occasion coming up that requires a gift. Most men love firing up the grill, throwing on a few steaks (and veggies) and chowing down on the delicious smoky flavor of barbecue. If your man loves to grill why not get him something that will really get his grill going? Make your grill master feel special with these grilling gifts for boyfriend.

Sizzling Hot Grill Gifts!


Looflighter Fire Igniting Tool

One of the most popular, and primal forms of grilling today is grilling over a nice bed of red hot coals. The problem is, those coals take forever to get going and generally have to be doused in charcoal lighter to get them started. With the Looflighter Fire Igniting Tool, you simply plug it in, turn it on, and stick it in a pile of charcoal. Within minutes those coals will be ready to go, and the meat can be cooked without getting that yucky lighter fluid taste. Available at

Prince Premium NY Strip Steaks

Prince Meats is a purveyor of exclusive premium steaks . One of their most popular selections is the Prince Premium NY Strip Steak. This steak is sure to be a hit on the grill. Prince Meats uses only the finest corn-fed beef that deliver an unforgettable robust flavor. Sure a few new Blu-ray discs or some new fishing gear would be great, but when it comes to gifts for boyfriend, nothing soothes his carnivorous spirit more than premium choice meat. There is a reason they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and a premium strip steak makes for a cool grilling gift. Available at


Weber’s Big Book of Grilling

For decades, Weber has had the market cornered on grilling and grilling hardware, and for good reason; they’re good at it! In the Weber Big Book of Grilling the Weber Company has put together their plethora of knowledge and knowhow and now you can share that information with your boyfriend to make a really awesome gift. The one thing to know about grilling is there is always something else to know about grilling. Having the best grill tips and tricks at his fingertips makes the Weber Big Book of Grilling an awesome grilling gift for boyfriend. Available at

All Clad or Personalized BBQ Tool Set

All-Clad 4-pc. Stainless Barbecue Tool Set,

When looking for grilling gifts for boyfriend, there isn’t one much better than this All Clad BBQ Tool Set with Carrying Case. Not only will it give him everything he needs for just about any grilling task at hand, but the fact that it comes in its very own stainless steel case only kicks this gift up to the next level. Available at

In addition, you can also get a Personalized Barbecue Tool Set engraved with  just about any message you want, so not only will your boyfriend be getting a sweet grill set, but there will be no mistaking who’s in the King of the Grill. Available at Personlization Mall.

Weber Smoky Mountain Black Cooker Smoker

One of the latest trends hitting backyards and patios across the country is smoking meats in smoker/cooker. Making yet another appearance on this list is the Weber Company with their Smoky Mountain Black Cooker Smoker. When cool gifts for the boyfriend that loves to grill are called for, this is one of the gifts for boyfriend that takes the cake or steak. Available at


Hops Holster Beer Can Belt

Are you kidding me? Do you even have to ask why this gift is maybe one of the best ever? When it comes to grilling gifts for boyfriend this is the king of the mountain. Just picture your boyfriend when he opens this gift up and sees what basically equates to a third hand to hold beer with. The Beer Holster is an amazing gift, and if you really want to make his day, buy him two so he can have a beer on in the front and the back. Now he can have burgers and beer at the grill all day long. It’s what John Wayne would have wanted. Available at


Coleman Road Trip LXE Portable Grill

Grilling at home is great, but there are times when that show needs to be taken on the road. Enter the Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE to save the day. Propane-powered and collapsible, there is nowhere this grill can’t go. Tailgate parties. Weekend camping trips. Have grill – will travel. This is an awesome grilling gift because no matter where your boyfriend finds himself, with this grill on hand, a delicious steak is merely minutes away. Available at


Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill

This is the grill that made Weber grills so famous today. Your boyfriend’s dad and potentially even his grandpa had this grill, or a previous model of it. When charcoal grilling is mentioned, this is the grill men across the country think about. The Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill is lightweight, sturdy, and will outlast most other charcoal grills on the market. Buy this gift for your boyfriend, and call it a night. You will easily earn “The Best Girlfriend Ever” Award. Available at

Grill Daddy Pro Brush

There are grill brushes and then there are Grill Brushes. The Grill Daddy Pro is definitely the latter. This thing looks like what you would think a grill brush would look like after taking a bunch of steroids. The Grill Daddy Pro Brush does not mess around, and grill gunk stands no chance against the stainless-steel bristles and melting steam of this monster. No grill set up would be complete without it. Available at

Whether your boyfriend has a grill set up currently or not, giving him any of these cool grilling gifts will only work to take his current set up to the next stage. With this list of gifts for boyfriend in hand, you cannot go wrong!

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