Graduation gifts for men are important and should mark such a momentous occasion appropriately. There are several graduation gifts for him to suite various budgets and tastes. As his girlfriend, you definitely want to give your man a graduation gift that shows how proud you are of him. He has been working hard and will need your support now more than ever because of the big life transition he is about to make. Show him you care by giving him one of these graduation gifts for men:

Cloud 9 Experience gifts from

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Experience gifts are perfect graduation gifts for him because they are a great way to end such a momentous occasion. Imagine the feeling of completion you have when you have completed a goal that has taken a lot of hard work and dedication. There is this sense of release that comes with that and an experience gift from can help celebrate that feeling of accomplishment. Experience gifts such as a hot air balloon ride or race car driving lessons are a fun and easy way to say congratulations to your boyfriend. He works hard it’s only natural for him to play hard as well! Visit Cloud9living!

Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag

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A smart Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag is a great item for a recent graduate who is about to enter the professional world or is going on to graduate school. Graduation gifts for boyfriend that are transitional or symbolize the major life change happening for your man are perfect. Kenneth Cole is known for high quality items and the Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag is no exception. A [click to continue…]


Perhaps one of the most renowned beliefs in Christian and Eastern Orthodox faiths is the divine Annunciation, which refers to the delivery of the message to the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel of her destiny to become mother to Jesus Christ. Also dubbed the Feast of Annunciation in some religious circles, the event is commemorated annually by devout partisans the world over on or around March 25th, which puts it at nine months before the Catholic Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The_Annunciation Gifts For BoyfriendCustoms and traditions on this day are varied amongst different belief systems. On the actual day, church-going is a must, of course. In addition, the celebration often includes festivities that center around food and drink (the feast). Some people also like to exchange gifts, as they feel it symbolizes the ultimate gift given by God.
If you are of the latter mindset and have someone special in your life that celebrates the Annunciation of Mary, perhaps you are in search of some gift ideas that would be appropriate for the occasion.  We have listed some unique gifts for boyfriend that will fit the bill.

Unique Annunciation Gifts For Your Boyfriend!

Quite a few artists have captured their creative vision of the divine Annunciation on canvas, and a favorite depiction is by the master Leonardo Da Vinci. If your spiritual sweetie appreciates the works of this famed artisan, then perhaps he will enjoy receiving one of these gifts for boyfriend that is twofold: a t-shirt (now what guy wouldn’t like that?!) depicting his renowned work, Annunciation.


Along similar lines, also available is a hooded sweatshirt of Annunciation by Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico. This is best suited for those [click to continue…]


Aries (March 21 – April 19) April is fast-approaching and you know what that means. If you don’t, any Aries male will be happy to tell you: It’s time to celebrate the exalted birth of one trail-blazing, idealistic, stubborn ray of cosmic sunshine. If you find yourself pondering the seemingly endless array of gifts for Aries men, sidle up to your adventure-loving Ram and he’ll instantaneously produce a PowerPoint presentation detailing his numerous hobbies, interests and dislikes. In fact, the presentation will most likely come with an illustrated tome chronicling his birth up to present day AND a monthly subscription to a newsletter about his life because, as you surely know, the world revolves around Aries men.

Cool Gifts for Aries Men!

Birthday Gifts For Aries MenTaking an Aries’ basic personality traits into account is a great brainstorming tactic for cool gifts. If you’re going for broke, then experience gifts for boyfriend prevails. Aries men are notorious adrenaline junkies so you can’t go wrong with a NASCAR driving experience. Just make sure to goad your man into taking out a comprehensive life insurance policy and naming you the beneficiary before letting your reckless Ram take the wheel. [click to continue…]


March Madness. Whisper those words into your loved one’s ear and then watch him quiver with excitement. In fact, scientific studies have shown that recitation of those two seemingly innocuous words can incur an immediate salivation response a la Pavlov’s dog. So get ready to don galoshes and utilize your basketball-loving man’s excess drool as floor polish. March Madness and NCAA gifts is upon us.

March Madness-NCAA Gifts for BoyfriendNow, amidst all of the raucous celebrating, grunting, high-fiving and bracket boasting, there is bound to be some heartache for your leading man. You know the scene: salty tears flavor insipid beers while platters of wings and other meat-centric dishes wither in an atmosphere heavy with loss. This is your time to shine. Swoop in, preferably in a sexy little number, and present your man with cool gifts that will act as salve for his emotional wounds.

The internet is rife with sports gifts for men, veritably brimming over with NCAA merchandise that makes excellent March Madness gifts. Looking to marry kitsch with functionality? Behold the blissed-out union neatly packaged in a toaster that burns select, NCAA team logos into the essential breakfast food. Your special guy will be so tickled that he won’t even notice that you served him cholesterol-lowering, whole grain toast – sans eggs, sans bacon. While he happily munches away on his logo-touting, life-saving bread, rejoice in the fact that you just bought him several more years of March Madness gifts galore.

Cool NCAA Gifts!

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NCAA ProToast 2-slice Logo Toaster

If kitchen appliances don’t top your boyfriend’s NCAA gifts list, surely [click to continue…]


This March 17th, embrace the true spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by celebrating the men in your life with cool St. Patrick’s Day gifts for boyfriend. Because, let’s be honest, any holiday that revolves around drinking copious amounts of liquor, consuming artery-clogging dishes and reveling in a manner that would make the ruddy-nosed Irishmen of lore click their heels in staunch approval is clearly a MAN’S man’s holiday.

St Patricks Day Gifts For BoyfriendMuch like Valentine’s Day provides women an official holiday during which they can expect to be wined, dined and gifted, men view St. Patty’s Day as one of the few days during the year in which they can rightfully muster every testosterone-charged inclination and unleash that unholy flood of manliness on the world and each other. What better way to show your support than starting the day off with a few Irish gifts or St Patrick’s Day treats for the honorary Irishman in your life? [click to continue…]