Cool Inexpensive Graduation Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love!

Graduation is such a special time. It is important that the occasion is honored. You might be wondering what to do if you’re big on love but short on funds. No worries, here’s a mega list of inexpensive graduation gifts for boyfriend to help you find the perfect gift:

Inexpensive Graduation Gifts


Amazon ImageCollege or school jewelry is the perfect way to honor the occasion and give your man a token gift that will have lasting memories for years to come. Graduation gifts for boyfriend don’t have to be expensive but they should be quality. Consider the customizable jewelry. Select a unique graduation gift that is perfect for your man and budget friendly. You can also find jewelry that matches your man’s school colors. Check it out!


Graduation t-shirts are perfect gifts because they can mark the occasion in a way that is humorous and can also be personalized. Zazzle offers customizable graduation t-shirts and inexpensive graduation gifts. You can find hilarious graduation t-shirts at BustedTees. With shirts that say things like, “sex, do it for the kids” you are sure to find a graduation t-shirt he will like. Check it out!

Gift Cards

Amazon ImageGift cards from big box stores and restaurants like Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Target are great. Your boyfriend will appreciate graduation gifts that he can use for whatever he needs. Gift cards from Starbucks, Wal-Mart, or Target are great because these stores are easy and convenient to find as well. With the large selection of items available at the big box stores and Starbucks he should definitely be able to get something he will enjoy. Check it out!

iTunes Gift Cards

Amazon ImageiTunes Gift Cards are great graduation gifts for men because there are so many digital gifts he can buy on iTunes. Think beyond the typical music (even though that’s a really great graduation gift). Your boyfriend can also purchase audio books and movies on iTunes as well. An ITunes Gift Card is a great gift for boyfriend who has an iPad or iPod and likes being entertained on the go. Check it out!

Alumni Apparel

Amazon ImageDid you know that Amazon has an expansive selection of Alumni Apparel and graduation t-shirts to choose from? You can find clothing for every school from Ohio State University to the University of Texas. Type in the name of your boyfriend’s school in the search box to find apparel and other items that are a match for his school. You can find hoodies and t-shirts that your boyfriend will be proud to wear as he shows off his pride in his school and his accomplishment. Check it out!

Ear Phones & Headphones

Amazon ImageKlipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones are high quality ear phones that block out ambient noise. Klipsch prides itself on the comfort of its ear phones as well and designs the ear phone coves to fit comfortably inside of the ear. Check it out!

Amazon ImageAnother great graduation gift option is the Skullcandy S6HEDZ-058 Hesh Over-Ear Headphones. Skullcandy is known for style and function. These headphones have a cool Rasta design and will definitely make a statement while your man is at the gym or commuting. With 55mm power drivers your man is going to be able to experience sound like never before with these Skullcandy headphones. Tech or mobile gifts for boyfriend that your man can use on the go are perfect and will definitely be used during his day-to-day activities. Check it out!

Alarm Clocks

Amazon ImageAlarm clocks are cheap graduation gifts that are also very practical. Your man must be able to get to school and work on time. An alarm clock will help your man get to where he needs to on time. There are even alarm clocks that are also MP3 players which makes this gift an even more interesting graduation gift option that won’t break the bank. You can get your man an all-in-one alarm clock/MP3 player that can be synced to his favorite songs. He will wake up in a good mood every day because his iPod will be set to his favorite tunes. Check it out!

Electric Shaver

Amazon ImageYour man must look good and that means having a proper electric shaver. Electric shavers are classic graduation gifts for men. Having the proper appearance will help your man score better opportunities. A clean shave and a nice suit will make your man seem professional and ready to do business. Get him an electric shaver with three blades and a pivoting head for a close shave that will give him a nice finish. Check it out!

Digital Voice Recorder

Amazon ImageDigital voice recorders are ideal gifts for boyfriend who needs to take notes in a quick and easy manner. This is perfect for any recent grad that is anticipating going to graduate school or doing some type of interview or field work in the future. Digital voice recorders are also inexpensive graduation gifts. A good digital voice recorder should have an SD card slot so that the audio can be easily transferred to a computer later. Try to look for a digital voice recorder that also has some type of noise cancelling feature to ensure the sound quality of the recordings. Check it out!

USB Flash Drive

Amazon ImagePractical gifts for boyfriend definitely include a USB flash drive. This is another gift that is perfect for any man who works in an office, needs something to store documents on, or is going back to school. USB flash drives are also very affordable. Purchasing gifts you know your man will use is a sure way to know you are getting him something he will appreciate. Check it out!

The Total Money Makeover

Amazon ImageThe Total Money Makeover book by Dave Ramsey tops our list of cheap graduation gifts. This is a great transitional gift packed with the knowledge and wisdom that every graduate needs. The average graduate leaves school with some debt and needs help figuring out how to manage their money. Dave Ramsey provides very practical and easy to understand advice about budgeting and how to invest in the future in the The Total Money Makeover. This graduation gift is a small investment that can make a big difference in your boyfriend’s life and future. Check it out!

Pizza of the Month

The Gourmet Pizza Club Food is the only thing I need to say to you. A delicious gourmet pizza of the month is a perfect graduation gift. Clubs of America features fantastic gourmet pizzas that have been described as “the best frozen pizzas.” The monthly delivery of the gift will remind your man of your love each time. You know that food is the way to a man’s heart and gourmet pizza will probably get you to his heart a lot faster than most foods. These pizzas are fresh, homemade, and all natural which will also ensure that they are healthier than other pizzas he has had as well. This is perfect for a transitioning recent grad that probably doesn’t have a lot of time to cook but still wants something tasty to enjoy after a long day of work. Check it out!

Back to Basics Egg N’ Muffin Toaster

Amazon ImageThe Back to Basics Egg N’ Muffin Toaster is an excellent cheap graduation gift for boyfriend because it’s affordable but also very functional. Gifts that make your man’s life easier or make cooking easier are perfect. As a recent grad he probably doesn’t have too much time to cook and needs something that will make preparing the most important meal of the day a breeze. The Back to Basics Egg N’ Muffin Toaster can be used to toast muffins, cook eggs, and warm meat. It’s also easy to clean which makes it a win-win as well. Check it out!

Photo Book from Shutterfly

Graduation Photo books are fantastic graduation gifts for boyfriend because they are a great way to capture the memories of the past few years your man has spent in school. What better way to show how much you care and how proud you are then through photos that highlight all of the good times? This is a great gift that is very personal and will last for years and years. Shutterfly makes high quality photo books that are professionally bound and printed on professional-grade paper. There aren’t many affordable graduation gifts online that can capture all of those special moments the way a photo book from Shutterfly can. He’ll love this gift and all the care you put in to finding the perfect photos to highlight. Check it out!

American Greeting Free Printable Graduation Card When it comes to graduation gifts online, free printable graduation greeting cards are probably the best deal you are going to find. You can include a monetary gift in the free printable graduation greeting cards by American Greeting that can be used for gas or any other practical use your man might have. There is a nice selection of designs to choose from on the site as well. Head over to to check out the free designs and print out your favorite free graduation greeting card! Check it out!

Apollo Precision Tools DT9706 39-Piece General Tool Set

Amazon ImageGuys like tools, food, and sports (most of them like at least one of these things). You can put a smile on your man’s face if he is particularly handy by getting him a tool set by Apollo Precision Tools. If your boyfriend’s hobby is all about fixing and tweaking things around the house then he will appreciate a nice set of tools to enjoy his hobby with. This is a well-made basic tool set that includes a tape measure, pliers, screwdrivers, and a plastic knife. Check it out!


Amazon ImageThis is a classic flashlight. Flashlights are practical and affordable. If your man is into hiking, fixing cars or any other hobby that might require a flashlight then the Maglite is the way to go. The Maglite has led lights which are very durable. Unreliable flashlights are useless. The LED lights, aluminum casing, and energy efficient technology of the Maglite flashlight will ensure that your man is never left in the dark! Check it out!

Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Amazon ImageTech gifts are great graduation gifts for men. A gadget that charges all of your man’s other gadgets will go over well with him. Try the Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector with USB. He can have the convenience of having all of his favorite devices charging in one space. This supercharged surge protector is a very inexpensive graduation gift that is also very practical. This is another entry on our list of cheap graduation gifts that will definitely get used often. Check it out!

Gift Card from JibJab

JibJab eCards Funny graduation gifts are very memorable; a gift card from JibJab will definitely make your man smile. JibJab is a digital gifts company that is all about making people smile. You can find unique e-cards on JibJab that you won’t find anywhere else. Everything from cards that allow you to put your man’s face on the body of a Bruce Lee look alike to sexy cards called Adam and Eve, you will definitely find something that will keep your man talking and smiling for a long while after the graduation celebration is over. Check it out!

You Name It Personalized Travel Mug or Water Bottle

Travel mugs and water bottles are very practical gifts for boyfriend. If your man goes to the gym or is simply health conscious, he would appreciate a You Name It Personalized Travel Mug or Water Bottle. What makes this mug extra special is being able to engrave your man’s name and a single or 3 letter monogram on the face of the travel mug. With the eye-catching design, no one will be able to doubt who this cup belongs to and he will definitely always remember who gave it to him! Check it out!

When choosing the perfect graduation gifts for men, consider what your guy likes. You can get him something he loves as a treat just so that he can indulge in it. Another thing to consider is what his needs are. Graduates are going through a period of great change and transition. Their needs are going to be significant and any inexpensive graduation gifts for boyfriend related to life advice or practical items such as alarm clocks and electric shavers will also be appreciated and used.

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