Harry Potter Gifts for Boyfriend!

The Harry Potter books are a worldwide phenomenon with over 400 million copies sold to date. People love the characters, Hogwarts scchool, and the houses the characters belong to. Your boyfriend may be interested in a scarf or robe worn by one of his favorite characters.  If you’re not sure which character is his favorite, make sure you ask. Harry Potter fans tend to be very dedicated to their favorite characters and houses. The most popular houses are Slytherin and Gryffindor. Gryffindor is the house of Harry Potter while Slytherin is the house of the book’s antagonists. It doesn’t matter which Hogwarts house your boyfriend loves, there are many unique gifts for boyfriend who loves Harry Potter books and movies.

Cool Harry Potter Gifts!

Professor Snape Coat

Harry Potter Professor Snape Coat

Professor Snape is known as one of Harry Potter’s least favorite professors. His character is one character Harry Potter fans love to hate. Professor Snape’s coat is modeled after the actual coat Snape wears in the movie. Take a look at Professor Snape’s Coat to see what sizes are available.


Gryffindor Hat and Scarf Set

Harry Potter Hogwarts Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Hogwarts students are known for wearing various colored hats and scarves during the cold winter months to represent their houses. Hat and scarf sets with the emblems of each school are a great and iconic Harry Potter gift and may be considered on the list of gifts for boyfriend if you’re not exactly sure which gift would be best. Most Harry Potter fans recognize the hat and scarf set and will definitely appreciate this gift. Hat and scarf sets are available here.

Lord Voldermort Robe

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Robe

Voldermort is the most feared wizard in the Harry Potter series. He’s also Harry Potter’s archenemy. If your boyfriend loves Slytherin, he may like this gift because Voldermort comes from Slytherin house. Lord Voldermort’s Robe hangs freely and is fastened by an invisible adjustable harness underneath. Voldermort’s robe is available online.


Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility

The invisibility cloak one of many fun gift ideas for boyfriend and is one of Harry Potter’s secret weapons. He uses it to shield himself while getting clues in information in many of the Harry Potter books. The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is another gift that would be admired by many fans of Harry Potter. This is a truly unique gift because of its handmade silk screening. The invisibility cloak is made of heavy velvet and features silk-screened moons, starts, and charms. View this beautiful robe here.

Harry Potter ‘Slytherin’ House Deluxe Scarf

Harry Potter 'Slytherin' House Deluxe ScarfSlytherin is the rival house of Harry Potter’s house. Many Harry Potter fans like Slytherin and would enjoy any gifts that feature the house’s colors (black and gray) or emblem. Slytherin scarves feature a green emblem with a snake and the house name underneath. Slytherin scarves are available here.


There are so many gifts for boyfriend who enjoys Harry Potter. You can’t go wrong. Just be sure to know which characters and houses he likes before you make your final gift buying decisions.

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