Graduation Gifts For Men That Rock!

Graduation gifts for men are important and should mark such a momentous occasion appropriately. There are several graduation gifts for him to suite various budgets and tastes. As his girlfriend, you definitely want to give your man a graduation gift that shows how proud you are of him. He has been working hard and will need your support now more than ever because of the big life transition he is about to make. Show him you care by giving him one of these graduation gifts for men:

Cloud 9 Experience gifts from

Graduation Gifts For Men-Cloud9living

Experience gifts are perfect graduation gifts for him because they are a great way to end such a momentous occasion. Imagine the feeling of completion you have when you have completed a goal that has taken a lot of hard work and dedication. There is this sense of release that comes with that and an experience gift from can help celebrate that feeling of accomplishment. Experience gifts such as a hot air balloon ride or race car driving lessons are a fun and easy way to say congratulations to your boyfriend. He works hard it’s only natural for him to play hard as well! Visit Cloud9living!

Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag

Amazon Image

A smart Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag is a great item for a recent graduate who is about to enter the professional world or is going on to graduate school. Graduation gifts for boyfriend that are transitional or symbolize the major life change happening for your man are perfect. Kenneth Cole is known for high quality items and the Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag is no exception. A nice leather carrying bag with an adjustable strap is perfect for him because it can be carried different ways. For a more casual look he might carry the messenger bag over his shoulder. For a more professional look he might carry it using the shorter handle like a briefcase. Check it out!

LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

Graduation Gift For Men-Live Scribe Pen

A LiveScibe Echo Smartpen is a great investment for the budding professional. Graduation gifts for men should take into consideration his future schedule and needs. A smartpen is perfect for any guy who is going to be doing a lot of writing or note taking at his new job or school. If your man is going to be a sales person or attorney for example, he will have a lot of writing to do. A Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen will record his notes for him so that he can easily retrieve them later via audio or on his computer or mobile device. Smartpens make cool gifts because they are functional and unique. Your man will be able to get a lot of work done and easily keep track of it all with a LiveScribe Echo Smartpen. Different memory settings are available from 4GB to 8GB. Check it out!

The Always Accurate Watch

The Always Accurate Watch.

If watches are perfect gifts for boyfriend then The Always Accurate Watch is the pentacle of perfect graduation gifts for him. The name says it all. The Always Accurate Watch is really set to the perfect time because it regularly calibrates and sets itself to the U.S. Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, CO. Watches make good graduation gifts for boyfriend who travels often or has to manage several meetings each week. The Always Accurate Watch makes traveling in different time zones easier because it picks up the local time with just the touch of a button. The alarm, stopwatch, and calendar features also make the Always Accurate Watch stand out. Check it out!

The Tighter Grip Money Clip

The Tighter Grip Money Clip. moneyclip

Money clips are another addition to our list of boyfriend gifts because they are also very practical. Cool gifts for boyfriend are items that help him organize his life and finances. Average money clips expand and lose their grip over time. The Tighter Grip Money Clip is high quality and designed to retain its grip. With the pocket insert, your man can also store credit cards, photos and receipts as well. The tighter Grip Money Clip is also on our list of good gifts for boyfriend because it can be personalized. Personalizing the Tighter Grip Money Clip will make it even more memorable and more perfect for a recent graduate. Check it out!

The Total Money Makeover The Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Amazon Image

Graduation gifts for men are perfect when they can prepare him for what’s to come. Gifts that can impart some type of knowledge or wisdom for the future are perfect. Most graduates are at a crossroads and sound financial advice from personal finance expert Dave Ramsey is perfect for anyone beginning a new career and a new life. Most college graduates will have to start thinking about student loan debts and high school graduates will have to start thinking about budgeting and planning for their futures as well. The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness is a simple, no nonsense guide for anyone who needs to learn how to budget and master their money. The book gives sound and practical advice about living on a spending plan and maximizing your income for both long-term and short-term goals. If you know your man is considering going back to school, getting a place, or doing some traveling in the upcoming year, then he could probably use some financial advice to accomplish those goals. Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is perfect for this type of information. Check it out!

A Vacation/Hotel or Cruise Package

Graduation Gifts For Men-A Vacation

Cool gifts are always fun and a graduation is definitely an excuse to have fun and celebrate! Think vacations to the hottest destinations like Universal Studios in Orlando, FL or his favorite tropical destination. Priceline is a great site to create the perfect graduation gift package at a reasonable price. You can negotiate the perfect deal on Priceline and save a lot of money. Head down to Florida for the perfect mix of theme park fun, food, clubs, and dancing or relax on the beach in the Caribbean. Check out the package deals featured on Priceline for ideas that are within your budget. Check it out!

Executive Black Leather Personalized Portfolio

Gifts for boyfriend should communicate who he is to the world. As a recent graduate, his gifts should say that he is smart, detail oriented, and professional. An Executive Black Leather Personalized Portfolio is a graduation gift that says it all. When he walks in to job interviews or the next company meeting with an Executive Black Leather Personalized Portfolio he will stand out in a good way. A nice leather portfolio will help him stay organized and on top of things as well. Personalized gifts make great graduation gifts for boyfriend and are definitely ideal for capturing the memory of special occasions. This Executive Black Leather Personalized Portfolio includes an additional pocket for extra storage and a compartment for business cards. An 8 ½ by 11 notepad comes with the portfolio as well. A nice personalized pen with an empowering quote or inscription will compliment this leather portfolio and make an excellent graduation gift set. Check it out!

Perry Ellis Solid City Fit Suit Jacket

If your man is transitioning from work to school he is transitioning from casual to professional. Consider boyfriend gifts that he can grow with like the Perry Ellis Solid City Fit Suit Jacket. Stylish boyfriend gifts will help your man make a good impression at his job. It may be an adjustment for him to wear more professional clothes if he’s been wearing jeans and sneakers the last few years. Help him transition into affordable professional men’s clothes. Perry Ellis has great pieces that are perfect for a man on a budget who needs clothes that will last him a while and also help with his professional image. Purchase him the matching pants for an entire suite. Check it out!

Secrets of Success Personalized Keepsake

Motivation and inspiration make the perfect graduation gifts for boyfriend. Make your man feel really special with the Secrets of Success Personalized Keepsake. He’ll appreciate the words of encouragement on this nice plaque that he can proudly keep on his desk at work or home. Life after graduation can be a challenge for many men in transition and having a personalized gift with an inspirational message can make that time more comforting. The Secrets of Success Personalized Keepsake can be personalized with 2-line inscription to make it unique for your boyfriend. Check it out!

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Image

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world and they have wide variety of merchandise to choose from. Your man can purchase a new briefcase, MP3 player, or any other item he might need or want. You can also email him an Amazon Gift Card for convenient paperless delivery. This is perfect whether your man is going back to school or starting a new job because he will be able to select items that work best for him. Check it out!

A Personalized Watch With His University Logo On It

Graduation Gifts For Men-Class Watch

Personalized gifts are perfect for sentimental occasions like graduations. One of few personalized graduation gifts for boyfriend on our list is a personalized watch with his university’s logo on it. With brands like Movado, Lacoste, and Citizen Eco-Drive you are sure to find quality time pieces that are timeless and will definitely be in style and functioning for years to come. Check it out!

Graduwat! T-Shirt

Graduwat! zazzle_shirt
Graduwat! by LeeMarie22
Create one-of-a-kind custom shirts cheap on zazzle.

Humorous gifts are perfect for graduation. The Graduwat T-shirt will definitely put a smile on your boyfriend’s face and add to the fond memories he already has of this occasion. The Graduwat T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and very comfortable to wear. The fun design is instantly recognizable and will get your man a few more compliments and recognition for the work he’s done. This is a great affordable graduation gift option that may be cherished for sentimental reasons as well. Check it out!

Personalized College Jacket

This is a great personalized gift option. The Personalized college jacket can be ordered in many colors. You should be able to find the color that represents your man’s school.  This is a great gift because not only is it representative of his school pride it is also a gift that is uniquely his. Both his name and the name of his school can be stitched on the back of this track jacket. Track jackets are also great functional gifts that can be worn during the spring and summer months. Check this out!

Words to Express Personalized Frame

Graduation Gifts For Men-Personalized Frame

Photo frames are great and necessary for the traditional graduation photo. A nice Words to Express Personalized frame can be customized to mark the occasion in a unique and special way. You can customize this frame with an inscription or quote, your man’s name and the year of his graduation. This is something that can be placed prominently on a desk at work or left on display at home for family to enjoy. Check it out!

Apple iPad

Amazon Image

The Apple iPad is a great gift for just about any special occasion. This is a great gift for business and pleasure. If your man loves gadgets or is an Apple fanatic then he has probably had his eye on the iPad for quite some time. Gifts that are more expensive are appropriate for such big accomplishments like graduations. If your man is going back to school he can use his iPad to take notes and research online as well. Some of the cool features of the Apple iPad include a camera for capturing videos and photos, the ability to play music and movies, various apps including the Microsoft Office suite, easy web surfing, and of course the ability to conveniently store music and books.  An iPad is an investment that is worthy of such high accomplishment such as graduation. Check it out!

There are several graduation gifts for boyfriend at various price points. Consider your budget and also what you think will make the biggest impression on your man. This is his day and any graduation gift you give him should honor all of his hard work and accomplishments. Remember to give graduation gifts that not only mark the occasion but can be used during his transition to the next stage in life as well.

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