Gifts For A Sagittarius Boyfriend

(Sagittarius November 22-December 22) Sagittarius men are known for their confident and independent lifestyle. These men are intellectual and enjoy wooing the ladies. They are looking for a partner who is just as smart and can share intellectual conversation with them. It’s not uncommon to find Sagittarius men discussing deep topics such as spirituality or politics often looking for a debate. When it comes to your boyfriend’s birthday, there are a number of cool gifts on the market appealing to his Sagittarius lifestyle.

Gifts for a Sagittarius BoyfriendPurchase a guide from ZAGAT to help you find the perfect date spot to be with your Sagittarius boyfriend. These books include reviews, suggestions and background information on the best places to wine and dine. You can try a different restaurant each week to keep the relationship spicy. These cool gifts are perfect for your boyfriend to always keep his interest.

Other gifts for a Sagittarius man include a deep film such as “Passion of the Christ” or“Gandhi”. These movies not only explore religion or interesting topics, but they are cinematography classics. After viewing the film you can explore your boyfriend’s intellectual side by discussing your ideas of the portrayal in the film. It will show him your heightened intellectual side as well. Instead of a film about religion, pick a collection of foreign films as gifts for boyfriend. Sagittarius men are known for an interest in the arts and languages, so foreign films allow them to explore this side of their brain. “Amelie”, “Russian Dolls”, and“Paris” are just a few titles that make spark his interest, especially if he is interested in French films. Use a streaming device online from Amazon to find a collection of titles in his language of choice.

When shopping for gifts for boyfriend, pick up a new workout outfit for him to wear to the gym. Choose a lightweight Nike Men’s Laser Tracksuit to help him engage his physical side. Sagittarius men find it important to find a balance between physical activity and intellectual discussions. These gifts for a Sagittarius man channel the physical side of him. If he already has a preferred workout outfit, purchase sports equipment. Splurge and buy that expensive tennis racket he’s been eying up, or buy a Wilson Evolution Game Ball Basketball he can use on the court. However, if he is more of a jogger or runner, pick up a pedometer or the Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit to track his routes while he runs. He can use the device to select new routes and calculate how many calories he burned.

Though most Sagittarius men are interested in reading, writing and physical activities, there are a variety of video games that are good birthday gifts for boyfriend as well. Nintendo DS offers Brain Age or My Word Coach that allow you to learn new languages while broadening your intellectual skills. The Nintendo Wii also offers games like “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” that require you complete puzzles while relaxing with games.

Choosing birthday gifts for boyfriend doesn’t have to be a stressful, especially if you purchase gifts for a Sagittarius.

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