Exposed! Secret Tips to Pick Gifts for Boyfriend

A lot of times you have no idea how to pick gifts for boyfriend. Picking the perfect gift can be a challenge especially if you ask and the response is, “Oh, I don’t know” or “Don’t worry about getting me a gift!” Oh please! We all know that everyone loves to receive gifts. The tricky part is selecting the right gift for boyfriend. Another problem picking a gift is when you have not known or been together long with your boyfriend and his birthday or Christmas is coming up. What do you do? Try a little gift espionage!


Secret Gift Selection Tips Exposed!

Secret Tip #1

Gifts for Boyfriend Secret TipsTry to look at any photos he has. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera these days. Or a profile on Facebook or Flickr with tons of photos. See if you can get a peek at some pictures to see what he likes to do or where he likes to go. If there are pictures of him playing sports or at a rock concert then maybe his favorite team jersey or concert tickets may be a cool gift.

Secret Tip #2

Have a casual conversation. Conversation is the best way to discover what your man likes. During the conversation casually guide the subject to the areas of interest you are trying to find out about. Try to ask specific questions about his interests without being obvious. Getting as specific as possible is important because you don’t want to buy him tickets to a New York Yankee game if he’s a New York Mets fan. Don’t forget to write down the information you discover so you won’t forget it!

Secret Tip #3

Find out if he has a hobby or special interest and do some secret investigating. You can visit a store that specializes in whatever hobby or interest your boyfriend has and talk to a sales person. Salespeople can be a valuable resource to help determine cool gifts for boyfriend. They can let you know what the best and most popular items are available pertaining to the hobby or interest you are inquiring about. Sometimes it’s good to visit several stores and also ask a few customers as well in order to be well informed before purchasing a gift.

**TIP** If you don’t want to go to several stores you can always visit and in the search bar put in his hobby or special interest with the word gift. Example “fishing gift” and a ton of cool gift ideas will be listed. This can save you time and money since Amazon sells everything and they often have the best prices for shopping online.

Secret Tip #4

Do a little gift espionage around his home. Now don’t go overboard and peek and pry in every corner! Just be very observant to the things that you see around the house. Notice if there are any books on the bookshelf. If so what type? Fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies? Is there more than one item of something? Perhaps a collection of comic books or sports memorabilia? Is there any artwork hanging on the walls? If so is it prints or photographs? Just casually notice each room as you go through and take note of the items that you see. Remember, you are trying to determine what your boyfriend is passionate about, not snoop in every nook and cranny! Chances are that if he has a lot of a particular item then he is passionate about it and that will be the perfect gift for your boyfriend.

Secret Tip #5

Mother knows best! And best friends too! Your boyfriend’s mother or best friend have known him a lot longer than you have. Use their knowledge and ask them what they think the perfect gift for your boyfriend should be. You could even take them shopping with you to help pick out the gift.

Using these tips to help hone your gift sleuthing skills will surely help you select cool gifts for boyfriend. You can also use these tips to select gifts for anyone else that may be hard to buy for. Just remember to try not to be so obvious when sleuthing around and make sure to write down your gift ideas so you won’t forget!

What do you think? Will these tips help you find gifts for your boyfriend? Let me know!

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