Coolest T-Shirt Gifts for Boyfriend!

The invention of cool t-shirts have made shopping for guys much easier. When searching for something more personalized than a gift card and less expensive than a high-priced piece of jewelry, specialty t-shirts serve as pretty cool gifts. There are many different types of shirts out there, so the search may produce multiple pages of results. However, knowing what kind of things he’s interested in helps finding t-shirt gifts for boyfriend less of a hassle.

Cool T-Shirts!

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Paddys Irish Pub T-shirt

Mens Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Paddys Irish Pub T-shirtIf he’s ever been caught hiding in a couch, spying on people, and he likes the show, the “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Paddys Irish Pub T-shirt” is just the gift for him. This shirt, made of 100% cotton, is distressed to give it an older, more worn out look, and displays the text in green lettering. This shirt is featured as one of the cool gifts, as it allows him to have more of a connection to the show, by owning merchandise that is related to the show. Plus, it lets him feel like he could be one of the guys from the pub. Or simply hanging out at one of the most inappropriate bars in Philly! Click to see what sizes are available! or for a true fan of the show see other “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Gifts

Black Dragon 7 shirt
Black Dragon 7

A dragon lover would enjoy a Black Dragon T-Shirt. These cool t-shirts are made from 100% Cotton, sport a short sleeve, and are pre-shrunk. If he’s always wanted a dragon, but never got one, giving him this shirt could be like giving him that dragon, only in t-shirt form. This shirt lands itself on the cool gifts list because it provides comfort and style. The image is crisp, clean, and it pops, giving the dragon a realistic look. Also, because it comes pre-shrunk, it makes shopping for last minute birthday gifts for boyfriend that much easier, as you can order his exact size. Available at Zazzle.

LED Sound Activated E-Q Raver T-Shirt

LED Sound Activated E-Q Raver T-Shirt (Extra Large)The Music Activated LED Sound Activated E-Q Raver T-Shirt will provide fun for everyone. This shirt is awesome because of its interactive quality. When it detects music or other sounds, its bars move up and down according to the sound. The guys will love making the bars rise and fall and will keep making noises to see it do so. Other than that, the colors will provide a show that’s pleasing to look at, as the lights flash between yellow, green, and red. However, if someone is making it fluctuate more than desired, the owner has the power to turn off the battery pack. Additionally, the battery pack can be unplugged, so the shirt can be washed. Check it out!


 Sunglasses Sounds Reactive E-Qualizer Mens T-Shirt

Sunglasses  Sounds Reactive E-Qualizer T-Shirt
He will look cool even if the weather is hot in the Sunglasses Sounds Reactive E-Qualizer Mens T-Shirt. This shirt, much like the one described above, is perfect for guys who like the immediate surrounding noises to be picked up by a shirt that mimics the sounds. Guys will love standing out in a dark crowd, making a light show of their own. The shutter sunglasses will provide an extra cool look and will make him feel like he is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. The shirt also features a long-lasting battery, so he’s sure to have a present that won’t give out on him for a while. Check it out!.


Light up LED Shutter Shades Multicolor Rockstar Sunglasses

Light up LED Shutter Shades Multicolor Rockstar SunglassesGet the glasses to go with the shirt and make it pair! These glasses are awesome and light up just like the shirt. Now he can coordinate his glasses and cool t-shirt! Check it out!


Whether he is a television lover, music and sound lover, or a dragon lover, all of these shirts are sure to please. These shirts are way beyond good birthday gifts for boyfriend, they can also be given for any type of occasion or celebration. No matter which shirt he’d like off this list, you can be sure you have picked a great quality gift.

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