Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend Under $25

There is no need to stress if you don’t have much money to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend. There are several practical and personalized gift options available through online retailers such as Take a look at the gifts we have selected and visit their site for even more unique giftsicon. Remember that nice and memorable gifts do not have to cost much. If you want something that will stand out but not hurt your budget there are plenty of Valentine’s Day gifts for Boyfriend available for you that can be both practical and personalized gifts that he will love.

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Practical Gifts for Boyfriend Under $25

Gift certificate from - Most $25 Gift Certificates for on

Gift certificates are good Valentines Day gifts for boyfriend because they allow him to choose which restaurant he would like to enjoy. makes it very easy to send gift cards via e-mail with personalized messages or through the regular mail. Thousands of restaurants participate in the program so your man should have no problem finding a restaurant that he likes. You can get a $25 gift certificate for only $10.  Click here for

Champion Men’s Triple Threat Basketball Jacket

Amazon ImageAthletic men appreciate gifts they can use on a regular basis that are related to their favorite sport or outdoor activity. The Champion Men’s Triple Threat Basketball Jacket is comfortable and perfect for any guy who is athletic or has an active lifestyle. The triple threat basketball jacket includes side pockets and is designed to fit and close over athletic sweatshirts. This sporty jacket is machine washable and made out of polyester. Your man will enjoy and definitely get a lot of use out of the Triple Threat Basketball Jacket. Amazon Image

Aviator Sunglasses

Amazon ImageAviator sunglasses are definitely in fashion right now. Your man will look stylish and up to date in these deluxe silver mirror lens aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses are too stylish to pass up and are a great addition to your man’s casual collection of accessories. These affordable glasses have gotten rave reviews which means your man will likely get compliments when he’s walking down the street with these sun glasses on. You can also pick yourself up a pair because they are so affordable (don’t worry he won’t know)! Amazon Image

Timex Men’s T5J571 1440 Sport Digital Resin Strap Watch

Amazon ImageDurable watches are great Valentines gifts for guys. Timex is a well-known American watchmaker that makes affordable quality watches. The Timex Men’s T5J571 1440 Sport Digital Resin Strap Watch comes equipped with essential features such as a calendar, alarm, and a 24 hour countdown timer. If your man runs or plays other sports he might enjoy using the features of this watch doing drills or practice. Amazon Image

Nautica Voyage Cologne For Men

Amazon ImageMen’s fragrances generally make good gifts for boyfriend for Valentine’s day. Nautica is a high end brand with a nice selection of men’s fragrances. Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men has a pleasant masculine scent that is not too strong and lasts all day. Your man will make an impression when he steps in the room because he will look good and smell good. Masculine scents are also a romance trigger and might be just what you need to get things started in the bedroom. Amazon Image

Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion

Amazon ImageIt is always good to select Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend that can be used while he is doing his favorite activity or hobby. If your man loves hiking and camping he will enjoy the Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion. It is a light weight all in one pocket knife that comes in handy while out in the wilderness and other situations. The serrated blade easily cuts through most materials and is very durable. This all in one pocket knife includes a magnifying glass/fire starter, bottle opener, and compass to help your man find his way home to you! Amazon Image

Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend Under $25

Just For You Personalized Beer Mug

Personalized beer mugs are excellent valentine’s gifts for him. If your man loves watching games at home he probably enjoys a good brew while cheering on his favorite team. A Just For You© 25 oz. Personalized Beer Mug can be personalized with a special message from you. He’ll think of you each time he takes a sip from the gift that is certain to become his favorite beer mug! Check out this cool mug!

Dessert’s On Me! Chocolate Body Paint

The words chocolate and body paint should be all you have to say to have a hot and steamy Valentine’s Day. Give your man this tasty gift of passion if you need to spice things up and introduce a little creativity in your relationship. Each Dessert’s On Me!© Chocolate Body Paint is filled with premium chocolate from France and beautifully wrapped. Personalize the lid with a sexy message and this is all you need for a romantic evening. A paintbrush is also included for added fun and easy application. Look at the rave reviews this product has for even more romantic ideas and inspiration. Check it out!

Love Always Wins! Personalized Mug

It’s true, love does always win. Your man will love the Love Always Wins!© Personalized Mug while enjoying his coffee at work. This is a great gift that can be a reminder of how much you care for each other throughout the day. He can bring this coffee mug with him to work and enjoy the cute tic-tac-toe love graphic on the front. Personalize this coffee mug with each of your names and you have a gift that is truly special and unique. See more details here!

Lovin’ It! Personalized Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are perhaps some of the most practical Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend. Lovin’ It!© Personalized Boxer Shorts featuring a heart can be personalized with your name. He will know that you are his one and only because only you can give him such a personal gift. These personalized boxer shorts are 100% cotton and will be greatly appreciated. Check it out!

Hugs & Kisses Personalized Frame

A personalized picture frame that highlights a special moment you have shared with your man is a very sentimental Valentines gift. Any Valentines gift for boyfriend that is related to a specific memory or moment in time is also great as a nice reminder of your special connection throughout the day while your man is working. He can keep the Hugs & Kisses© Personalized Frame on his desk as a daily reminder of the special time chronicled in the picture frame. The frame can be personalized with your names and a date that is special for both of you. Check it out!

There are several affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend under $25. If you are concerned about your budget we hope that this selection of gifts for Valentine’s Day has opened your eyes to the great gifts and possibilities that are available to you online. Personalization Mall has a lot of other great Valentine’s Day gifts for guys you might want to take a look at as well. The team at Cool Gifts for Boyfriend wishes you a fun and sexy Valentine’s Day!

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