Cool Twilight Gifts for Boyfriend

Twilight gifts for boyfriend are the perfect way to remember the Twilight Saga as it comes to an end. If your boyfriend loves supernatural books and movies, he is probably a Twilight fan who would really enjoy any Twilight gifts related to his favorite characters, the books, or the movies. Gifts for boyfriend that are focused around his particular interests will let him know how much you really care.

Cool Twilight GiftsYou should keep the following suggestions in mind when picking Twilight gifts for boyfriend or any Twilight fan in your life. Choose Twilight gifts based on particular characters. Twilight fans usually fall into two camps. They either love the vampires (team Edward) or the werewolves (team Jacob). You probably already know which character your boyfriend likes or whether or not he likes werewolves or vampires. He may also only be a fan of the movies or the books. Keep these particular preferences in mind when selecting Twilight gifts. Here is a list of the top Twilight gifts for boyfriend:

Cool Twilight Gifts!

Twilight “New Moon” AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Cullen Crest Prop Replica Jewelry Set

Amazon ImageThe Cullens are the vampire family in the Twilight saga; this may be a perfect gift for Team Edward fans. The Twilight “New Moon” AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Cullen Crest Prop Replica Jewelry Set comes in a box with jewelry worn by Esme, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Edward and Carlisle in the books. The box also features a collectible cardsigned by Ashley Green (Alice in the movies). A great Twilight gift for a boyfriend might be Carlyle’s ring or Edward’s wrist cuff. This gift is a limited edition collectable item and there are only a few left so order soon if you want to purchase this as a birthday or Christmas gift for boyfriend. Click here for availability!


The Twilight Saga Complete Collection

The Twilight Saga Complete Collection The Twilight Saga Complete Collection is the ultimate gift for a Twilight fan who loves the books. Add this to your list of potential Twilight gifts if your boyfriend has only seen the movies and would like to read the books. Add this to your list of collector’s gifts for boyfriend who may already have a Twilight collection or is considering starting one. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner are included in this collection. This is surely the perfect gift for any fan of the best selling vampire love story. Click to see more!


Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe

Scene It? Twilight Saga DeluxeScene It? Twilight Sage Deluxe is a great Twilight gift for boyfriend who loves the Twilight movies. Scene It? is a movie trivia game that allows Twilight fans to test their knowledge of the movies. Scene It? features trivia from the Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse films. This is a great gift for boyfriend who has friends who are also Twilight movie fans because they can play against each other in teams or as individual opponents. The game is hosted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and features hundreds of video clips and sound bites to keep your boyfriend and his friends entertained for hours at a time! Click to buy!


AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set w/ Official Binder

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set w/ Official Binder Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set w/ Official Binder is a fan favorite. This is a favorite of reviewers who collect Twilight gifts and collectables. 72 trading cards are included with this set. Trading card sets make great gifts for boyfriend because they typically come complete with an entire collection of trading cards. Your boyfriend would love this gift because then he could receive all of the trading cards at once and have a nice binder to store them in immediately. There is also an autographed card of Peter Facinelli(Dr. Carlisle Cullen) included in the set as well. The Twilight Trading Card Set is also more affordable than buying each card individually. This is also a limited edition collectable gift so order it soon to take advantage of this deal! Click here for availability!


Twilight Breaking Dawn Forever Zip Hoodie

Twilight Breaking Dawn Forever Zip HoodieYour boyfriend can show his love for Twilight with a Twilight Breaking Dawn Forever Zip Hoodie. Hoodies are great Twilight gifts because they are comfortable and easily noticed by other Twilight fans. Twilight fans love talking about the books and movies with other fans. A Twilight hoodie is a great conversation starter. The best part of all is that each time he is talking with a fan who notices his hoodie he’ll remember who gave it to him, you! Gifts for boyfriend should be memorable and have sentimental value, a hoodie that’s a conversation piece definitely fits this category. This hoodie is comfortable cotton and polyester blend that comes in men’s sizes. Click here for size availability!


There are literally hundreds of gifts for boyfriend who loves Twilight. These are just a few Twilight gifts to give you some ideas about what your man might like for his next birthday or Christmas gift. Remember to pay attention to which characters your boyfriend likes and whether or not he prefers vampires, werewolves, Twilight movies, or the Twilight Saga books to purchase the perfect Twilight gift for him.

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