Cool NCAA Gifts for March Madness!

March Madness. Whisper those words into your loved one’s ear and then watch him quiver with excitement. In fact, scientific studies have shown that recitation of those two seemingly innocuous words can incur an immediate salivation response a la Pavlov’s dog. So get ready to don galoshes and utilize your basketball-loving man’s excess drool as floor polish. March Madness and NCAA gifts is upon us.

March Madness-NCAA Gifts for BoyfriendNow, amidst all of the raucous celebrating, grunting, high-fiving and bracket boasting, there is bound to be some heartache for your leading man. You know the scene: salty tears flavor insipid beers while platters of wings and other meat-centric dishes wither in an atmosphere heavy with loss. This is your time to shine. Swoop in, preferably in a sexy little number, and present your man with cool gifts that will act as salve for his emotional wounds.

The internet is rife with sports gifts for men, veritably brimming over with NCAA merchandise that makes excellent March Madness gifts. Looking to marry kitsch with functionality? Behold the blissed-out union neatly packaged in a toaster that burns select, NCAA team logos into the essential breakfast food. Your special guy will be so tickled that he won’t even notice that you served him cholesterol-lowering, whole grain toast – sans eggs, sans bacon. While he happily munches away on his logo-touting, life-saving bread, rejoice in the fact that you just bought him several more years of March Madness gifts galore.

Cool NCAA Gifts!

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NCAA ProToast 2-slice Logo Toaster

If kitchen appliances don’t top your boyfriend’s NCAA gifts list, surely a NCAA blanket WITH SLEEVES will be sure to please. Prominently branded with his team of choice, warmth and comfort prevail while utilitarian sleeves allow your fellow hassle-free access to life’s most coveted commodities: remote control, bottle of beer and video game controller. Pair the blanket with an NBA video game and proudly witness your boyfriend living vicariously through video game avatars.

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NCAA Adult Comfy Throw

Sports gifts for men wouldn’t be complete without NCAA clothing. Is your boyfriend of the down-to-earth, rustic variety? If so, thermal-lined, hooded workwear jackets never fail as practical gifts for boyfriend. Not only do they let your loved one publicly pledge his allegiance to his favorite team, but they also provide much-needed March Madness warmth. When things get rough in the NCAA, nothing feels quite like a mother’s embrace than an infrequently washed, hot sauce-stained hoodie.

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NCAA Men’s Craftsman Thermal Lined Hooded Workwear Jacket

Follow the NCAA clothing theme but go the extra mile. NCAA cufflinks and tie bars make cool gifts that even the most suit-phobic men can’t resist. Do your parents reminisce dreamily about your astrophysicist ex-boyfriend? The one who thought March Madness alluded to the pre-spring stir craziness prevalent in sufferers of SAD? Then prepare to bowl them over with your freshly shaved, recently showered, tuxedoed Mister Lover. With his flashy new accoutrements, your fellow is sure to wow your father with an extra firm handshake that screams, “Notice my awesome new cufflinks! I want to marry your daughter!”

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NCAA Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gift Set

Are you dating a March baby? Were your special guy’s childhood birthdays upstaged by his own father’s March Madness festivities? You can’t change the past – so just forget about reuniting the original Power Rangers for a superhero-themed party – but you can treat your man to NCAA gifts that will nudge any unfortunate birthday memory to the back of the line. Home theater system TV bundles make fantastic birthday gifts for boyfriend. Just in time to view the games on an impressively-sized screen, these electronic gifts for boyfriend will ensure that you have a full house – and a happy man – on March Madness game days.

SCEPTRE X425BV-FHD 42″ with RCA Home Theater System and 6ft HDMI Cable, TV Bundle

Better yet, why not make him your love slave by surprising him with NCAA tickets? A chance to catch a live NCAA game will make him the envy of all his guy friends. Not only will your man declare his undying devotion to you, so will all of his buddies! See Sports Tickets

Ready to outdo yourself in the ultimate birthday gifts for boyfriend category? Coordinate a Las Vegas trip with his best guy pals. NCAA games are sure to be playing on screens all over the strip, and after your boyfriend and his buds dub themselves, “The Final Four,” he will wonder why he ever spent March Madness any other way. Best of all, with the great Priceline deals, you’ll have enough money left over to bless his air travel with NCAA-inspired survival kits laden with his favorite cookies and jelly beans.

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Regardless of what NCAA gifts you choose to make this year’s March Madness or birthday spectacular one for the books, rest-assured that your man will now be willing to perform millions of shuttle runs just to bring you the moon.

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