Cool iPhone Accessory Gifts for Boyfriend

When looking for birthday gifts for boyfriend, it is impossible to go wrong with an electronic device. There are a number of electronic devices on the market but none of them can compare to the Apple iPhone. There are a number of accessories that are great for the iPhone that make cool gifts and when looking for gifts for boyfriend, there are number of great gifts that will make them very happy.

Cool iPhone Gifts!

JOBY GorillaMobile Tripod for iPhone

The first accessory that will make a good gift for boyfriend is The JOBY Gorillamoble Tripod for iPhone. The stand is a great accessory to have with an iPhone because it makes taking pictures easier, and users can use it to prop their phone up for watching videos or video chatting. For boyfriend’s, this is a great accessory to use with their girlfriend because it makes it easier for them to video chat when they are not together, or they can use it to watch videos together. Available at



iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer for Iphone 4

Another cool iPhone accessory that a boyfriend will enjoy is the iBike Dash Deluxe CC Cycling Computer for iPhone 4. While this product is slightly more expensive than many other accessories, it makes bike riding more enjoyable and users can keep track of their stats during their bike ride. This is a great iPhone accessory for couples that enjoy the outdoors and bike together regularly because they can compare their stats after the ride. Available at


Philips DC315.37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio

The next iPhone accessory that makes a great gift is the Philips DC315.37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio. This product is great for listening to music while charging the iPhone, or a boyfriend can use it to wake up to a song that reminds him of his girlfriend. The Philips clock radio can also be used as an FM radio and when the alarm goes off in the morning, the volume will gradually increase so that the user is not startled when it goes off. Available at



Jackpot Slots for iPhone

Applications are a big part of owning an iPhone and when looking for a gift for a boyfriend, it is impossible to go wrong with applications. A fun accessory to buy is Jackpot slots. This application is designed to be used in conjunction with Jackpot slots dock and charging station so that users can play the slots while they are charging their iPhone. Available at


Pinball Magic for iPhone

The Pinball Magic application is meant to be used with external accessories that will turn the iPhone into an arcade style pinball machine. These are perfect applications for gifts for boyfriend because he can play them with his girlfriend. Available at


Overall, birthday gifts for boyfriend are not that hard to find considering that guys enjoy electronics and iPhone accessories make great gifts. While not all accessories are affordable as gifts for boyfriend, the more important thing is the consideration that the girlfriend puts into finding a gift for her boyfriend, and he is bound to enjoy just about anything that he can use with his iPhone. When a girlfriend cannot find cool gifts for her boyfriend, buying something that they can use and enjoy together is a great idea and can never go wrong.

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