Cool Gifts For Taurus Men!

Taurus ( April 21-May 21) We’ve all been in the position where we need to buy something special for that exceptional male in our life. I’m talking boyfriend gifts, people! Now we all know that good gifts for boyfriends can be hard to come by (just like first-rate beaus themselves are), but here is a solution that is virtually foolproof: consider cool gifts based on your sweetie’s astrological sign!

Gifts For Taurus ManI have personal experience with Taurus men personalities, so I’ll let you in on the nature of this beast. For starters, they adore the good life, but they are also careful with money. They are compassionate and fiercely loyal, and once you snag one, it’s usually for the long-term. Taurus men prefer quality over quantity, yet they admire practicality as well. Oh – and this is one of the most fundamental of the Taurus men traits… they love good food and drink! With all this in mind, let’s explore some ideas for cool gifts for Taurus men.

When searching for birthday gifts for boyfriend that claims the bull as his birth sign, you can’t go wrong with high-tech gadgets that relate to money, food, or self-indulgence. For instance, why not consider something completely unexpected and totally useful, like a smart-looking money clip made out of lustrous titanium? As one of the world’s strongest metals, it’s corrosion-resistant and virtually scratch-proof, yet it’s also sleek, sophisticated, and practical – the perfect Taurus gift for your financially-savvy sweetheart!

Titanium Smart Money Clip

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A great gift that satisfies the smart-money mindset is a wallet. This can’t just be any old blasé billfold, however. High-quality is a must, as is a streamlined look and a practical design (hey – just like him!). Check out the Men’s Mirage Slim Passcase Wallet. It’s made of lambskin, lined with silk, so it’s sophisticated and elegant. And with six pockets and an interior bill compartment, it holds everything together in an organized manner. It definitely fulfills a range of requirements dictated by the Taurus male personality!

Geoffrey Beene Men’s Mirage Slim Passcase Wallet

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 Your Taurus man loves it when high-tech goes hand-in-hand with practicality. Ergo, it’s safe to say he’ll simply adore a Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Countertop Oven. This unique product is state-of-the-art, using infrared technology to cook quickly and evenly. Your man will feel like the king of the kitchen! Oh, and it also involves food – a no-brainer when it comes to good gifts for boyfriends of the bullish persuasion.

Secura Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Countertop Oven

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A personal favorite on my list of gifts for a Taurus man is a spa experience. You may seem a bit surprised, but trust me, there’s no better way to coddle his indulgent proclivities! And why not treat yourself, too, while you’re at it…

Spa Experience

The Gift of Spa

Now, what’s a “holiday or birthday gifts for boyfriend” list without electronic gadgets? If a 75 inch plasma is not in your price range…why not take a gander at some high-quality headphones? Remember to look for exceptional noise reduction, lifelike sound, and a comfortable fit. After all, nothing but the absolute best will do for your Taurus tootsie!

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Another product to include on this “boyfriend gifts” checklist is the Kindle Fire. One of the most popular high-tech products on the market today, this portable tablet combines the best of an e-reader, a Smartphone and a notebook, all in a compact, full-color, 7-inch touch screen format. This is definitely nirvana for a Taurus man!

Kindle Fire

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For the stylish, the gift of fashion is a good fit. Of course, this can’t be just any random article of clothing. It needs to suit the indulgent personality of a Taurus; otherwise you may just have a raging bull on your hands! This means you should opt for sophisticated, 100% cashmere, half-zip sweater. The Williams Cashmere Men’s Sweater has a luxurious feel, and the zipper even has a real leather pull! (again – nothing but the best when it comes to gifts for Taurus men).

Williams Cashmere Men’s 100% Cashmere Half Zip Cashmere Sweater

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Right up there along with cashmere is silk. Classy and sensuous, there is nothing else quite like it. But now think of this: a 100% sueded silk robe in a jewel tone, splendidly tailored and undeniably rich in look and feel. Your man will revel in it! There’s even a breast pocket into which he can tuck a regal pocket square if he so chooses (and being a Taurus, he probably will)!

Intimo Men’s Classic Silk Robe

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So there you have it: an in-depth guide to gifts for boyfriend that will astound even the most finicky of Taurus men personalities. Cool gifts are, in fact, easy to find, especially if you have some insight into the person’s basic character traits. So if your “gifts for boyfriend” list is falling short, and the man in your life just so happens to be a Taurus, “grab the bull by the horns” (so to speak) and take my advice. Oh, and one more thing… since a giving nature is one of the top Taurus men traits, you can count on your thoughtfulness being handsomely rewarded!

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