Cool Gifts For Boyfriend Under $25 Dollars

Buying gifts for your boyfriend can be expensive. Men tend to spend their money on things like video game systems, TV and entertainment systems, and countless other expensive gadgets. You don’t have to break the bank to make your man happy. Here are cool gifts under 25 dollars.


Cool Gifts For Guys!

Control A Man Remote Control

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If you are looking for some fun novelty gifts for boyfriend, then this remote control is perfect. This is a gift that both of you will enjoy. Now you will never have to worry about getting control of the remote ever again! He will enjoy allowing you to take full control. Instead of working like a normal remote control, all the buttons are supposed to control HIM! After a bit of naughty fun maybe you can finally get him to take the trash out as well! Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work, but feel free to play along. Check it out!

Electronic Guitar Shirt

Electronic Guitar Shirt (Adult Sizes)
One of the most rockin’ Christmas gifts for boyfriend this year is an electronic guitar shirt. With a built-in speaker, this shirt can actually play different chords. Finally his air guitar antics will be put to good use! He will feel like a legendary rock star and will have you to thank for it. Just remind all the groupies that this rock god is taken. Check it out!


The Hangover (Extreme Edition)

The Hangover (Extreme Edition)
Pry your man away from his own wolf pack for two seconds to give him The Hangover: Extreme Edition. With extra footage, hilarious blooper reels, and a full photo album, this edition is definitely the coolest of the cool gifts. He will pop it in the player faster than you can say “Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon.” Check it out!


Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set

Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set
Just because you’re looking for cool gifts under 25 dollars, it doesn’t mean you have to give up class and sophistication. These stainless steel wine savers will seal and remove air inside an opened bottle of wine, keeping your wine fresh for up to 10 days. Tell your man he reminds you of James Bond, and he will eagerly trade that cold beer for a glass of well kept wine. Check it out!


Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones

Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones - Crimson Rock Red/Yellow
Jump on the cool gifts bandwagon, and pick up these stylish noise-isolating earphones. He will have ultimate sound quality when rocking out to his favorite songs, or watching his favorite action movie for the hundredth time. Keep in mind something important with these earphones. When he says he didn’t hear you tell him to take out the trash, he might actually be telling the truth. Check it out!

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug
How about some more novelty birthday gifts for boyfriend? It doesn’t get more hilarious than a toilet bowl coffee mug for your guy. Now your man and his best friend will both be able to drink out of the toilet. Luckily, this one doesn’t require him to keep the seat down. Check it out!

iHip NFL Earbuds

iHip NFF10200CHB NFL Chicago Bears Mini Ear Buds, Orange/Blue

When it comes to cool gifts, nothing beats supporting your boyfriend’s favorite team. With these ear buds, he can listen to music and support his team at the same time. Just don’t forget which team is his. That is equivalent to him forgetting your anniversary. Check it out!

Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls

Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls (1 Dozen)
When it comes to gifts under 25 dollars for a boyfriend who golfs, you can’t go wrong with a nice set of golf balls. These self correcting golf balls help fix a bad slice, straightening the trajectory of the ball. This will keep him on the all-important fairway. What does this mean for you? When your guy gets home he will talk about how great he played, and you won’t have to hear him complain about hitting from behind the trees all day. Check it out!

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters - Set of 6
Chances are high that you are constantly telling your boyfriend to use a coaster. Now he might do it all on his own like a big boy. These incredibly stylish vinyl LP record coasters are made out of actual vintage records, and protected by a clear plastic seal. Your man will gladly rest his beverage of choice on music’s greatest albums. Check it out!

Ogio Doppler Toiletry Kit

Ogio Doppler Toiletry Kit
If you’re looking for some travel-oriented gifts for boyfriend, try this toiletry bag and kit. Unlike most toiletry bags, this kit is made of a high quality. Using this kit will ensure that toothpaste, shampoo, and shaving cream will stay in the toiletry bag, and not all over his packed clothes. After getting him this, you can start hinting where you want him to take you next! Check it out!

Coldmate Retro 12V Heated Travel Mug

Coldmate Retro 12V Heated Travel Mug - Black - PI4121BLK

This cool retro travel mug will let your man travel and enjoy a beverage in style. The mug plugs into any 12V adapter in any vehicle so that his beverage will remain warm for those long commutes or road trips. Check it out!

There you have it. Any one of these gifts are sure to be a winner. Now you can get your man something that will make his day without emptying your entire bank account. With the right gift, the money spent isn’t as important as the thought put into it.

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