Birthday Gifts for Aries Men

Aries (March 21 – April 19) April is fast-approaching and you know what that means. If you don’t, any Aries male will be happy to tell you: It’s time to celebrate the exalted birth of one trail-blazing, idealistic, stubborn ray of cosmic sunshine. If you find yourself pondering the seemingly endless array of gifts for Aries men, sidle up to your adventure-loving Ram and he’ll instantaneously produce a PowerPoint presentation detailing his numerous hobbies, interests and dislikes. In fact, the presentation will most likely come with an illustrated tome chronicling his birth up to present day AND a monthly subscription to a newsletter about his life because, as you surely know, the world revolves around Aries men.

Cool Gifts for Aries Men!

Birthday Gifts For Aries MenTaking an Aries’ basic personality traits into account is a great brainstorming tactic for cool gifts. If you’re going for broke, then experience gifts for boyfriend prevails. Aries men are notorious adrenaline junkies so you can’t go wrong with a NASCAR driving experience. Just make sure to goad your man into taking out a comprehensive life insurance policy and naming you the beneficiary before letting your reckless Ram take the wheel.

Envision the Energizer Bunny commercials of years past and you’ll have a good handle on the Aries’ basic constitution. The excessive energy can be exhausting, however; provide your favorite man with plenty of equipment for strenuous activity and avoid the soul-sucking side effects that often assail Aries’ lovers. Fitness junkie? Flashy new gym bags with plenty of pocket space for necessities make great Aries gifts. Nature buff? Let your man roam free in a natural habitat with cutting edge camping gear. Gadget freak? Multi-function sports watches rank high on an Aries’ list of cool gifts. has all these gifts and more for your Aries man.

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Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch

The Aries man often finds himself in head honcho positions and all worthy, modern day leaders require a vessel with which to carry commute-friendly gear like laptops and tablets. High-quality, Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage makes impressive birthday gifts for boyfriend of any ilk, but it will appeal particularly to the Aries fellow. It’s no secret that these pheromone-oozing lover boys enjoy strutting down the street with personal, bass-thumping soundtracks looping in their minds, fancying themselves a sleekly-accessorized, metro sexual Dalton. Because, “Pain don’t hurt.”

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage

Appealing to an Aries man’s egocentric side will ensure that you’re a keeper for life. Dating a competitive sports-obsessed meat head? Order a personalized NFL scoreboard print and you’ve just nailed a double whammy! No Ram can resist their name being displayed for their favorite team and thousands of fans to see…photo shopped or otherwise.

Personalized NFL Scoreboard Print

Of course, inside every Ram is a little lamb that likes butterflies and snuggles. Coax out the softer, sentimental side of your Aries man with photo-bearing birthday gifts for boyfriend. As independent as your fellow may be, he never loses touch with his inherent passion and commitment to family. Cater to this honorable nature with personalized, photo collage coffee mugs. Only, serve the already super-charged Aries male his morning coffee at your own risk; secretly switching to decaf might prove to be a win-win situation for all.

Create A Photo Collage Personalized Mug

But let’s revisit the tiny caveman that resides in your beloved Aries. This hairy Neanderthal enjoys fire, meat and clubbing potential mates over the head. Disregard the latter obsession and say hello to your modern day grilling aficionado! Hone your beloved fire-tamer’s skills with a personalized apron set (see: an Aries man’s egocentric side) and say hello to home-cooked meals, lovingly prepared by your doting Ram.

Grill Master Personalized Apron Set

Want to beef up his arsenal with grilling gifts but consider grilling lingo to be a foreign language? Visit for unique gifts for boyfriend that will make an impression for years to come.

It’s true that gifts for Aries men require quite a bit of research in order to wow these oft self-absorbed, starry-eyed creatures. Once you nail it, however, your infuriating but oh-so-lovable Ram will wage a zealous, head butting war on anyone who comes near his most prized possession: you.

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