Annunciation Gifts Are Unique Gifts For Boyfriend!

Perhaps one of the most renowned beliefs in Christian and Eastern Orthodox faiths is the divine Annunciation, which refers to the delivery of the message to the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel of her destiny to become mother to Jesus Christ. Also dubbed the Feast of Annunciation in some religious circles, the event is commemorated annually by devout partisans the world over on or around March 25th, which puts it at nine months before the Catholic Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The_Annunciation Gifts For BoyfriendCustoms and traditions on this day are varied amongst different belief systems. On the actual day, church-going is a must, of course. In addition, the celebration often includes festivities that center around food and drink (the feast). Some people also like to exchange gifts, as they feel it symbolizes the ultimate gift given by God.
If you are of the latter mindset and have someone special in your life that celebrates the Annunciation of Mary, perhaps you are in search of some gift ideas that would be appropriate for the occasion.  We have listed some unique gifts for boyfriend that will fit the bill.

Unique Annunciation Gifts For Your Boyfriend!

Quite a few artists have captured their creative vision of the divine Annunciation on canvas, and a favorite depiction is by the master Leonardo Da Vinci. If your spiritual sweetie appreciates the works of this famed artisan, then perhaps he will enjoy receiving one of these gifts for boyfriend that is twofold: a t-shirt (now what guy wouldn’t like that?!) depicting his renowned work, Annunciation.


Along similar lines, also available is a hooded sweatshirt of Annunciation by Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico. This is best suited for those chilly days when a t-shirt may just not be enough. Both are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so comfort is a given, and it’s crafted with double stitching in all the right places to ensure durability. He’ll definitely be able to express his beliefs in style!


If you’re true love is a techie, then he may appreciate a gift that caters to his exceptional taste in electronic gadgets. Help him protect his investments with a sanctified sheath for both his iPhone and his iPad! Both are lightweight and durable, designed to fit perfectly to protect while still allowing for easy access to all buttons, controls, and ports. Oh, and both also feature – what else? – the famed artwork of the illustrious Mr. Da Vinci himself: Annunciation.

Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci speckcase
Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci by TheArts
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The Annunciation speckcase
The Annunciation by SunshineDazzle
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Perhaps you are in search of religious gifts for a boyfriend who rates Botticelli higher than Da Vinci on his list of favorite artists. Well, never fear – the answer is here! You can get a mouse pad that depicts this master’s account of the event (Cestello Annunciation). This pious pad is a work of art in itself! Oh, and it works with any type of mouse, so you don’t have to fret the details before buying.

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Definitely falling under the category of “truly unique gifts for boyfriend” is a traveling speaker. This is just what the name implies: an electro-acoustic device. It makes a great pious present, as it depicts – yep, you guessed it! – another version of the Annunciation – that by Spanish painter El Greco. Powered by either USB cable or two AAA batteries, it’s small enough to be portable yet offers big sound, so he can take his music (and his favorite painting!) with him wherever he goes.


If your beau is more the bookworm type, you may want to look into reading-oriented gifts for boyfriend that center on the famed Annunciation and other pious events. Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas takes an in-depth look at the true meanings behind some of the most celebrated events in religious history. With excerpts and writings from well-known authors and theologians, it provides a fascinating read for both the truly devout and laypersons alike.

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Also out there to engage the avid reader is The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn (P.S.). This is a fictional account of the Annunciation of Mary in a modern-day setting. It’s available in hardcover, paperback, or e-book to suit any guy’s favorite mode of prose.

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If your beloved is of the church-going sort, he may just greatly appreciate a gift that will serve the functional purpose of protecting his rosary. If this fits the bill, the solution is simple. You can get him a beautiful, gold-tone rosary box complete with cross shape and depiction of Mary’s Annunciation.

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Church Of The Annunication-Italy

Church Of The Annunication-Italy

Now, for the truly devout (and this refers to your man, as well as your status as girlfriend!), you can get the rosary box as a precursor to the ultimate in unique gifts for boyfriend: a trip to Italy! That would be Messina, Sicily, to be exact, where you will be awed firsthand by the Annunziata dei Catalani (Annunciation Church of the Catalans). He will definitely want to take his rosary with him (in its protective box, of course). Hotel reservations are easy, as there are plenty of hotels to stay near the Church of the Annunication of the Catalans in Italy, that cater to a variety of budgets. Best of all, this is one of just a few gifts for a boyfriend that takes the cake, as you can enjoy it together and it will be, without a doubt, truly memorable. Who knows? It may even strengthen your faith, right along with your relationship to boot! Hotels near Church of the Annunciation of the Catalans

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