Graduation Survival Kit

Dear Cool Gifts: My boyfriend is graduating soon and I want to create a “Graduation Survival Kit” for him. I’m not really sure what to put in the kit. I want to show him how proud I am of him and put in some really cool boyfriend gifts! What should I do?

Hello Hopeless Gift Hunter,

Graduation gifts for boyfriend are very important because graduation is a big accomplishment and life transition. When considering gifts for a boyfriend who is transitioning you should consider what he needs to make the transition go smoothly. Great graduation gifts for men include gifts they can use at their new jobs or new schools if they are continuing their education. Here are a few gifts to for boyfriend to include in your graduation survival kit!

College Graduation Survival Kit

College graduates need very practical items they can use during their transition and will probably like something a little bit more fun or celebratory as well. Here are a few graduation gifts for men that are perfect for college grads: [click to continue…]


College is a wonderful time in a person’s life. During the past few years your boyfriend has discovered who he is and will begin to embark on a new journey of even greater self-discovery. Graduation gifts for boyfriend are the perfect way to mark this momentous time in his life. When considering gifts for graduation consider how he is feeling during this time. Knowing how he is feeling might help you consider gifts that are not as obvious. You should also consider college graduation gifts for men that are just fun and will help him relax after his big day and in the upcoming months.

Make College Graduation Gifts For Men Fun & Practical

College Graduation Gifts For Men

A Digital Photo Frame to Remember Everyone

Digital photo frames make great college graduation gifts for men. He can sync a digital photo frame with this camera to upload all of his memories for easy access and viewing later on.

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Classic Book

Classic books are great boyfriend gifts. One such classic is [click to continue…]


These days, The Avengers are one of the most popular groups of fictional superheroes. Captain America, The Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye garnered more popularity when a movie about their group was made. Because of their popularity, a lot of men are eager to get Avenger memorabilia and more and more women are now trying to find cool Marvel Avengers gifts and sale online.

So if you’re also looking for cool gifts for your boyfriend, why don’t you try looking for Avengers presents for him? Searching for cool Marvel Avengers gifts and sale is best done online. This way, you’ll be able to have a wider selection of Avengers gifts for boyfriend to choose from.

Actually, this is a good time to visit Entertainment Earth because they’re currently providing discounts for various Avengers birthday gifts for boyfriend.
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Cool Marvel Avengers Gifts and Sale You’ll Find Online

One of the many gifts for boyfriend that you can get your man is the Avengers poster. Aside from being an ideal decoration to your man’s room, giving these posters as birthday gifts for boyfriend may also show your man that you care about his interests. Amazon has a list of posters that you can purchase as gifts for boyfriend. You can usually get an Avengers poster in different sizes such as 11×17, 22×34 and 27×40.

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If your boyfriend is not someone who likes posters, then why don’t you look for [click to continue…]


If you’re looking for a cool gift there’s no gift better than romance. However most guys truly SUCK at it. There is something that you can do about it though. Send him the right message and you will be able to make him commit and submit to you.

Beyond Sexting?

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve probably heard of big sports stars, politicians, and teenagers getting in trouble for “sexting” outside their marriages.

But what you probably didn’t know is that there are tens of thousands of women around the world using simple little text messages inside their relationships to create amazing romance, intimacy and passion literally at the push of a button. Now that’s the ultimate romantic gift!

Text The Romance Back?

Relationship expert Michael Fiore created a step by step system for using tiny little text messages to create a private “intimate channel” between you and the man in your life… even if you don’t have much time together (due to kids and jobs) or if your lover doesn’t seem very “romantic” now.

“The great thing about texting is that it’s private and you can do it anywhere” says Fiore. “Just by sending a few tiny little text messages you can ‘wake up’ the romantic center of your partner’s mind… give them a private ‘text massage’, tell them how you really feel, and really create an amazing level of heat… just by pushing a few buttons on your phone.”

Proven To Work On National TV

Fiore was forced to put his money where his mouth is when he was featured on the Valentine’s Day edition of The Rachael Ray Show. Live, in front of millions of viewers, Fiore showed a couple how to use his “romantic texting” techniques to amazing affect. Every woman in the audience sighed and Rachael herself said that Michael gave her “chills.”

Watch The Video Now

To learn how to text the romance back into your relationship (or keep it going) — and to get 3 free “Magic Texts” you can use right now — go watch this video right away.


Graduation is such a special time. It is important that the occasion is honored. You might be wondering what to do if you’re big on love but short on funds. No worries, here’s a mega list of inexpensive graduation gifts for boyfriend to help you find the perfect gift:

Inexpensive Graduation Gifts


Amazon ImageCollege or school jewelry is the perfect way to honor the occasion and give your man a token gift that will have lasting memories for years to come. Graduation gifts for boyfriend don’t have to be expensive but they should be quality. Consider the customizable jewelry. Select a unique graduation gift that is perfect for your man and budget friendly. You can also find jewelry that matches your man’s school colors. Check it out!


Graduation t-shirts are perfect gifts because they can mark the occasion in a way that is humorous and can also be personalized. Zazzle offers customizable graduation t-shirts and inexpensive graduation gifts. You can find hilarious graduation t-shirts at BustedTees. With shirts that say things like, “sex, do it for the kids” you are sure to find a graduation t-shirt he will like. Check it out!

Gift Cards

Amazon ImageGift cards from big box stores and restaurants like Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Target are great. Your boyfriend will appreciate graduation gifts [click to continue…]